Treat Yourself to YOU Time!

Let us prepare everything as you sit back
& crochet a brand new project each month...

A Monthly Box Of Crochet Joy Delivered To Your Door...

Hi, I'm Sarah the founder of Crochet Surprise.

Do you love to crochet & would like to create some time out for yourself each month?

Imagine receiving a Christmas present every month.

Imagine being like a little kid again waiting for the mail to arrive & wondering what you'll get.

Imagine making a new project which you would have never have tried before you joined our community.

That's Crochet Surprise in a nutshell.

Crochet Surprise is a monthly crochet subscription box made with love.

When you join Crochet Surprise, here's what you get each month:

 A monthly box of crochet joy: A box delivered to your doorstep containing a personally hand picked & specially selected printed pattern, yarn & any other materials required to create a special crochet project. Alongside this will be a carefully selected loose leaf tea to enjoy whilst you bring your project to life.

 Step by step video tutorials: You may be a beginner or you may get stuck making the monthly project. Either way, we've got you covered! Let us help you through our step by step video tutorials provided with each monthly project.

 Private members only Facebook group: Connect with other crocheters all around the world. Ask questions about the monthly project, get help, talk about all things crochet & meet some new friends.

 Massive discounts: Get access to our online members only area where you can access discounts on yarn, crochet accessories, art & craft supplies, perfume, tea & men's products.

 Downloadable crochet book: New to crocheting? Or want to go through the basics again? You'll get access to our downloadable book that we've spent months writing. Inside are links to video tutorials on how to do a slip knot, a chain, turning chains, a single crochet stitch, a double crochet stitch, a half double crochet stitch, a triple crochet stitch, a slip stitch & so much more!

Check out what one of our members say about the monthly project & tea.

Why We Created Crochet Surprise...

Can you relate to this?

Life gets so busy & you never make time for yourself.

There's work, paying bills, making errands, preparing meals, cleaning, seeing friends, family, exercising, pets, commuting, emails & the list never stops.

And if you have little kids or have had kids, you know exactly what it's like to constantly run after them, make sure that they're ok, safe, fed & bathed.

Since my precious child was born, I found I didn't have the time to crochet as much as I would have loved to.

Crocheting has always been a part of my life since I was a little girl.

My grandmother taught my mother, who then taught me how to crochet.

It's been passed down the generations in my family & I've always loved making new projects every month.

That's why my husband Doug & I started Crochet Surprise.

We want to treat you to YOU time.

A time where you can have your own personal retreat from the busyness of life.

Myself (Sarah), Doug & our precious child

We spend countless hours each month to personally hand pick & select the crochet project

I know as crocheters we often have certain types of projects that we're comfortable with.

You may feel the most comfortable making a scarf, a pair of gloves or it could even be a hat.

Here at Crochet Surprise, we want to surprise you & give you a project that you may never have thought about or tried before.

A project that you would absolutely love.

That's why it takes time, countless hours in fact, just working on the concept for the month.

Here's what's involved:

 Finding a designer that has done our concept or paying for one to create it for us.

 Then making sure the pattern makes sense for a person reading it.

 The only way to do that is to actually make it ourselves.

 Then & only then if we're happy with it, we will include it in our box for that month by getting it beautifully designed, written up & printed out.

We would never include a pattern if it wasn't something we would be personally excited to make!

Take a look at some of our past projects below.

You're not alone in making the monthly project. We provide step by step video tutorials.

As crocheters, we come with all sorts of different skill levels.

Some of us are beginners, some of us are more advanced & some of us have been crocheting since we were kids.

Here at Crochet Surprise, we want to help you make the monthly project by giving you access to step by step video tutorials.

Connect with other crocheters all around the world in our members only Facebook group

A major reason why we also started Crochet Surprise is to connect people who join our community with other crocheters from all around the world.

Meet others who also love to crochet & what better way to share with them than working on the same crochet project each month!

Once you join Crochet Surprise, you'll get access to our private invite-only Facebook group.

This is for our valued customers only so we can make sure it's a safe place for everyone to share & receive.

This is also where:

 you can ask questions about the pattern

 post photos of your in-progress & finished Crochet Surprise project

 chat about all sorts of crochet topics

 chat about anything else really!

In fact, come & meet some of our amazing members below.

Hear what they have to say about Crochet Surprise...

Enjoy massive discounts from our partners

Here at Crochet Surprise, we also like to give added value to our members.

As a member, you'll also get access to our online private members area where you can grab some massive discounts from our partners!

We've partnered with a whole range of different companies to give you promo codes & discounts you can use online in their stores.

Currently, our members area includes discounts on:


 crochet accessories

 art & craft supplies



 men's products

Our aim is to continually add to this list every month.

In fact, one of our goals is to make the value of the discounts you receive worth alone the cost of your Crochet Surprise subscription.