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Hi, we're Doug and Sarah...

We are the founders of Crochet Surprise. 

Keep reading below to learn how Crochet Surprise was started and how our very first customer gave us hope!

Rewind 3 years a mother & wife I never had any time to myself.

Often my day consisted of looking after our daughter, running errands, cleaning, cooking, paying bills, paying our rent & everything else in between.

I was tired...really tired. Have you ever felt like that before?

Doug & I were also quite active in our church so I never got time to crochet.

Insert sad face here 😞

I loved being able to crochet...being able to work on a new project & seeing the finished product.

It was my time away...

That was the reason behind why Doug & myself started Crochet Surprise.

Crochet Surprise was born...

We wanted to treat people to YOU time.

A time for people to relax over a crochet project and to surround them with others who would support & love on them (this is what our community is all about).

We find a great project for you to crochet, organize all the yarn & other bits and pieces that you need to make it.

To launch Crochet Surprise we scrapped together all the money we had so we could pay for products, boxes, our logo, our website & many other expenses.

But back then, it wasn't common to see a crochet subscription we had to educate everyone what it actually was!

Are we doing the right thing? Can we afford for this to not work?

A few weeks after we launched, we had our very first customer Robyn.

We still don't know how she found us...but we are so grateful she did.

You would not believe how much hope & belief Robyn gave us just by being our very first customer.

That feeling is something we never take for granted & why we put so much work into Crochet Surprise.

Our biggest goal is to build a community that cares for each other.